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Finland's Podcastmedia

23 Quality Meetings & 216,000€ Worth of Sales Opportunities In 30 Days.

"I was skeptical when Omar contacted me, but the results completely surprised me. The old-fashioned outbound works even better than the trendy inbound. And Omar is 100% customer service oriented."

Challenge: Podcastmedia had only a small amount of unqualified leads who did not understand the value of proper podcast production. There was also no clear and predictable way to get meetings and customers.

Solution: Based on tight criteria, we gathered a list of Podcastmedia's ideal customers and wrote an interesting sales message. We did this by combining Podcastmedia's strengths and references, Fenixtal’s effective processes, as well as the professional views of both parties.

Results: Once the campaign started, we saw results immediately. Within the first 30 days, we generated 23 quality meetings with the biggest companies in Finland, such as Nordea, HSL, and Mehiläinen, and generated sales opportunities worth 216,000€.
advertising agency quba

17 High-Quality Meetings In the First 29 Days

Let's pause the campaigns; next week is already fully booked."

: Quba had manual processes and strategies, which took a lot of time from the more important tasks. In addition, they didn’t have systematic client acquisition in place.

Solution: We implemented our client acquisition machine and determined multiple target audiences based on Quba’s excellent past results. We created a smooth sales messaging with few variations, which is how we determined the best campaigns to convert positive replies into meetings.

Results: During the first 29 days, we generated 17 quality meetings for Quba with companies in their target audience who were genuinely interested in their services. Quba also wanted to pause the campaigns as they were getting too many meetings to handle (good problem to have).


We trust in AI-technology and systematic processes to achieve amazing results.

Cooperation starts with an effective kick-off meeting.

Day 1

Outbound Machinery

We'll build an outbound machine leveraging modern technology.

Days 1-2

Targeted Lead Lists

We'll build a database of highly targeted, up to date ideal customers.

Days 3-5

Effective Messaging

We'll create engaging and converting sales messaging using our proven process.

Days 5-8

Clear Communication

We'll keep a clear flow of communication at all times, and listen to your views on crafting the best angle.

Days 9-14

Qualified Meetings

Once the outbound mechanism is activated, the first meetings will flow in within a few days.

Days 15 >

Learn what our clients say about us

Fenixtal's services exceeded all our expectations. A customer-oriented and straightforward approach, a carefully considered work process and, above all, fulfilling the customer promise. Our own service is inherently challenging to sell, and we didn't set high expectations for success. As a result, the calendar was filled with customers genuinely interested in our new and interesting services.
Mait Lukka
Partner | Mainostoimisto Quba
Omar called and I was skeptical at first. But expertise convinced. Now we have tried a difficult type, i.e. selling podcasts, and dozens of high-quality leads have come. Many think inbound, but even a boring outbound works surprisingly well. And Omar is really dedicated to his work.
Juhani Pajunen
CEO | Podcastmedia
We tried outbound  for the first time  with Omar and Fenixtal. The results have exceeded my expectations and I have enjoyed working with Omar a lot.

Omar is energetic and goal oriented, and very pleasant to work with. He has a clear processes and professional views. He is genuinely interested in customer success and puts a lot of efforts in fulfilling the promises he makes. I am happy to recommend his services and wish Fenixtal all the best for the future.
Krista Paloheimo
CEO | Handpicked Cherries

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